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Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars

30 April 2013
Arkadiusz Olech

7. Delta Optical Titanium 8x42

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Delta Optical Titanium 8x42

The porro prism Titanium series is appreciated because of its good price/quality ratio and the 8x56 model is especially popular, along with its more expensive version, equipped with low dispersion glass. For our test we got the Delta Optical Titanium 8x42 which, in the optical part, got a very sensible result of 122.8 points, confirming the good opinion of the whole series.

Contrary to the Titanium spotting scopes, which are produced in Japan, the binoculars come from China. Does it influence in any way their durability? How will the Porro construction fare in our test, more difficult to seal? Its producer declares it is waterproof. Let’s check it up!

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Low temperature

We don’t have good news for the fans of low temperatures observations. The central focusing wheel moves incredibly heavy – forget about setting the focus using one finger, you’ll have to use your whole hand. The individual focus ring on the right eyepiece is also difficult to move and the same can be said about setting the gauge between the tubes – you can barely move it at all. Only the tripod mounting blockade could be unscrewed without problems and the eyecups stayed comfortably soft –they still could be folded easily.

High temperature

Under high temperature the central wheel started to move with significant slack and on its edge we noticed black grease. In it clearly visible in the photo below.

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Delta Optical Titanium 8x42

Fortunately it was the only problem we encountered. The individual focus ring, the tripod mounting blockade, the tubes gauge and eyepieces worked as they should. We didn’t notice any grease stains inside the tubes.

Waterproof qualities

Here the binoculars had a huge slip-up. Although they don’t present any detailed information, the producers declare that the Titanium series is waterproof. Well, only it isn’t. Right after submerging the binoculars started to take water inside – you could notice air bubbles escaping it as if it was an ordinary bottle hidden quickly under the surface. After several minutes both tubes were completely drenched and the device couldn’t be used.

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Delta Optical Titanium 8x42

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Delta Optical Titanium 8x42


Two falls from different heights didn’t cause any external damage or decolimation. By the way here we noticed one big advantage of folded eyecups – if you drop the binoculars on a hard surface they act as a shock absorber, protecting the whole device.

Optics cleaning

Once again we deal here with a cheap device, costing about 400 PLN so you really shouldn’t expect any high quality hydrophobic coatings. Accordingly, getting rid of different kinds of dirt is hardly easy – the performance is an exact copy of that of the Forrest II.


No other flaws.


The chart below shows the results the tested pair of binoculars got in particular categories:

Low temperature:
High temperature:
Waterproof quality:
Optics cleaning:

The final result speaks for itself – it is undoubtedly one of the weakest pair of binoculars from the mechanical point of view. The Delta Optical Titanium 8x42 is not waterproof and additionally it doesn’t like high temperatures. Thick rubber padding and rubber eyecups absorb shocks nicely, cushioning the whole device, so it is quite shock-proof, but otherwise I would recommend a lot of caution. If you are looking for a much more resilient piece of equipment, you should get interested in the Forrest II series or something more expensive.