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Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars

30 April 2013
Arkadiusz Olech

20. Tasco Essentials 8x42

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Tasco Essentials 8x42

The Tasco Essentials 8x42 is the cheapest pair of binoculars of all instruments, subjected to our endurance test. In the optical test it was the last – will it be able to improve that negative image? Let’s find out.

Low temperature

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The low temperature test didn’t indicate at all that you deal here with the cheapest instrument. There were some problems concerning the central wheel which could be moved only after applying a lot of strength but all other functions, like the eyecups, the gauge of the tubes, the dioptre correction and the tripod mounting exit, worked as they should. A nice surprise!

High temperature

In the case of the central wheel we expected noticeable slack; what’s interesting, we got a lot of resistance. The reason? Most probably it concerned the expanded rubber of the padding which blocked the movements of the wheel itself. Otherwise the binoculars would perform as they should if not for one thing – the grease. It appeared near the tripod mounting and, what’s worse, inside the tubes. We noticed one serious leakage on the tube and the optical elements got foggy; of course it influenced the images and the results can be admired in the photo below.

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Tasco Essentials 8x42

Waterproof qualities

The producers mention waterproofness but they rather meant that their instrument is splash-proof. The binoculars aren’t sealed and the submersion makes all the optics drenched completely.

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Tasco Essentials 8x42

Endurance test of 8x42 binoculars - Tasco Essentials 8x42

After several weeks the water inside evaporated but it left so many damp patches (also with rust) that it would be difficult to speak about any usefulness here.


During one fall an eyecup broke off. We managed to put it back in place again and use in a limited way. The binoculars got noticeably decolimated.

Optics cleaning

Water residue, which got stuck after the exposure to high temperature, was difficult to clean but fingerprints were very easy to remove. The drops of rain stay on the elements and don’t want to dribble easily. Grease was surprisingly easy to clean.


After a year and a half of usage the binoculars stink and the rubber padding got a gray coating in several places. It doesn’t look nice.


The chart below shows the results the tested pair of binoculars got in particular categories:

Low temperature:
High temperature:
Waterproof quality:
Optics cleaning:

The cheapest pair of binoculars, the weakest result of the optical and endurance test. The Tasco Essentials emerged from the testing in its death’s throes: drenched with water, decolimated, with grease leakages, stinky, its rubber coated with a white layer. Really, it isn’t worth even those 299 PLN you have to spend on it.