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Oberwerk Mariner 8x40

  • Binoculars Oberwerk Mariner 8x40
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komisy, aukcje internet.
Manufacturer Oberwerk
Model Mariner 8x40
Lens diameter [mm] 40
Magnification [x] 8
Angular field of view [deg] 8.4
Linear field of view [m/m] 145/1000
Exit pupil [mm] 5
Eye relief [mm] 18
Min. focusing dist. [m] 5
Twilight factor 17.89
Brightness 25
Prisms BaK-4/Porro
Dimensions [mm]
Weight [g] 1000
Waterproof Yes
Nitogen filling No
Argon filling No
Image stabilization No
Tripod exit Yes
Focusing central
Warranty [years] 0
Price 0
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3.63 Average
Owners reviews (2)
  1. Mark
    Mark 9 February 2024, 07:49
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 71.59.x.x
    Owner since: 2 years
    Price: $149.95
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: Not many...Maybe a little on the heavier side if you\'re hanging it around your neck.

    Pros: Excellent field of view....I mean \"superb\"! Good optics and solid as a rock build. Top seller (Oberwerk) checks out each of these before sending them to the customer.

    Summary: I\'m sorry to disagree with the above review regarding some of the features on this little rock of a gem instrument....No! It\'s not a Zeiss, or top level Nikon but, at those prices this is a bargain. There was a reason why \"Space.com\" gave this binocular such a rave review. Clearly obvious if you are an owner. Btw, there \"was\" a second subtle redesign of these and I own the second version....Possibly why I disagree with some of the previous review contents. Excellent little/solid binocular!

  2. tjshot
    tjshot 2 February 2018, 15:40
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 94.160.x.x
    Owner since: 1 year
    Price: 250 USD
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: Body / Mechanics - Heavy (but extremely well balanced and stable to hold) - Focuser is stiff, probably due to o-rings for water proofing. - Eye lenses are recessed in oculars resulting in usable eye relief of about 14mm i.e. considerably less than stated 18mm. - Thick eyecups may be problematic for people with narrow IPD and big nose. - Lowish build quality and questionable design choices: objective tubes are not completely darkened inside, glue is visible at the edge of prism housings, some evident baffling of objectives reduces effective exit pupil from 5mm to slightly more than 4mm. In practice it\'s an 8x35 binocular (however the exit pupil is very evenly illuminated). Optics - Very relevant forward field curvature with steep progression from central sweet spot (about 40-50% of total field) to corners. The effect is mitigated at close distances but very visible when focused at infinity. Oddly enough, the effect is much more relevant with eyeglasses on: I cannot find a way to accomodate and adapt to the steep transiction, nor use it for increased depth of field. With contact lenses the effect is mitigated and the view feel much more natural. May be an effect of my specific visual accomodation, however I never experienced a similar difference with different binoculars and same eyeglasses. - Visible ghosting at night with bright light sources within the field of view.

    Pros: Body / Mechanics - Rugged construction, yet unrefined; appears to be able to withstand considerable beating. - Incredibly good balance and stability despite the weight: one of the best shake-free binos among the non stabilized ones. - Solid ocular bridge doesn\'t flex in use - Decent rubber armor Optics - A very bright, contrasty and sharp central sweet spot covering 40-50% of the field: great performance considering the low price. - A very wide field of view, yet spoiled by a very relevant forward field curvature; less relevant at closer focus distances, becomes obstrusive at infinity focus. - Within the curved field, sharpness is good even at the corners (i.e. closer to the observer); a noticeable yet very mild loss of contrast due to astigmatism and coma. The corners can be refocused to good sharpness even at infinity. - Adeguate prism size and some aggressive stopping down of objectives result in absence of darkening at the borders of exit pupil. - Very good control of chromatic aberration, similar to a good modern ED roof prism binocular.

    Summary: An heavy bino with some big pros and cons. A decent choice if you don\'t wear eyeglasses. The original Chinese model with individual focus (i.e. United Optics 8x40 BM2) would overcome some of the weak points, however it appears to be sold only in China and it\'s not actually imported (as of feb. 2018) in western countries. I was able to find a source in China but in the end I decided not to buy it.

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Optical quality
Accesories and usage
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