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Swarovski Habicht 7x42

  • Binoculars Swarovski Habicht 7x42
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Hubertus Pro Hunting
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Manufacturer Swarovski
Model Habicht 7x42
Lens diameter [mm] 42
Magnification [x] 7
Angular field of view [deg] 6.5
Linear field of view [m/m] 114/1000
Exit pupil [mm] 6
Eye relief [mm] 14
Min. focusing dist. [m] 3.5
Twilight factor 17.15
Brightness 36
Prisms Bak-4/Porro
Dimensions [mm] 150x175x54
Weight [g] 680
Waterproof Yes
Nitogen filling Yes
Argon filling No
Image stabilization No
Tripod exit No
Focusing central
Warranty [years] 30
Price 2800
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Average rating (4 owners reviews)
Build quality
Optical quality
Accesories and usage
Value for money


4.13 Good
Owners reviews (4)
  1. mac.o
    mac.o 28 July 2017, 09:01
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 31.171.x.x
    Owner since: more than 10 years
    Price: 700 Euro
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: Narrow FOV and narrow sweet spot. Very stiff focusing unit (even after 27 years!). Twist-up eyecups. Eye relief too short for eyeglass wearers.

    Pros: Beautiful leather armouring. Extremely robust.

    Summary: Did a good job for a quarter of a century, but nowadays really outdated for birdwatching (very narrow FOV/sweet spot and stiff focus wheel do not allow effective panning).

  2. P. Provoost
    P. Provoost 6 May 2017, 15:57
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 84.84.x.x
    Owner since: 6 months
    Price: 800 Euro
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: No objective caps The ocular cap is worthless: only fits when the interpupillary distance is about 65 mm. Flimsy bag supplied: I immediately bought a sturdy one for protection of the instrument.

    Pros: Great optics. The small apparent field of view does not bother me: I am used to Kellner eyepieces. Stars are pinpoint sharp in the center of the image. Very good for astronomy. Transmission approx. 96%: very bright image. Color neutral. Great value for money. Maximum ipd is about 75.5 mm: much larger than specified, which is 72 mm.

    Summary: I am very happy with this binocular. It is not cheap, it may not be fashionable, but the image quality and build quality are superb. A real gem.

  3. Krisz
    Krisz 17 February 2016, 11:24
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 158.169.x.x
    Owner since: 7 years
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: Somewhat washed-out, neutral colours, and blueish tan on the image, very tipical to Swaro binos. Horribily small virtual FOV; the image given is far from eye and lot of black around it. Bad experience with repair/customer service (O.K., it was many years ago, probably improved a lot).

    Pros: Crisp, clear image, very flat and screen-like all over the virtual FOV. Excellent build quality. Quite resistant to shock. Slim housing, very comfortable in hands, even with gloves. Quite nice weight, easy to bring during long birding trips. Simply but very usable eyecups with excellent rubber quality. Eye relief is 14,5 mm officially, but well enough to use it with eyeglasses.

    Summary: The very small virtual FOV and high price were the two main reason to sell it. I liked the image quality but this small image given at the oculars diverted me from the model.

  4. Ralph
    Ralph 31 July 2014, 19:49
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 98.111.x.x
    Owner since: 1 year
    Price: $15 used
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: Brand specific accessories are high priced.

    Pros: Has high color transmission when observing stars. Better than my Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 10x50W pair. Light weight. Easy to focus. Good eye relief.

    Summary: Yes, that price is correct. I tried to tell the lady at the flea market these were worth ten times that much but she wouldn't take any more for them. These are the vintage model, I would imagine the newer version is even better.