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Swarovski SLC 10x42 W B

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Hubertus Pro Hunting
web site
Manufacturer Swarovski
Model SLC 10x42 W B
Lens diameter [mm] 42
Magnification [x] 10
Angular field of view [deg] 6.3
Linear field of view [m/m] 110/1000
Exit pupil [mm] 4.2
Eye relief [mm] 16
Min. focusing dist. [m] 3.2
Twilight factor 20.49
Brightness 17.64
Prisms BaK-4/roof
Dimensions [mm] 144x120x63
Weight [g] 790
Waterproof Yes
Nitogen filling Yes
Argon filling No
Image stabilization No
Tripod exit No
Focusing central
Warranty [years] 10
Price 6299
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4.00 Good
Owners reviews (2)
  1. Tony Sharples
    Tony Sharples 12 October 2020, 19:34
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 92.17.x.x
    Owner since: 1 month
    Price: £1170
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: Build quality 5, except for the horrendous focusing wheel. Clockwise isn\'t very smooth, but anti-clockwise is the worst i\'ve experienced in 27 bird watching, noisy, sticky and jerky, and so slow from near to far and vice versa. By the time you get there the bird\'s gone. How this got past quality control is a mystery. I got a refund. I\'ve read the same complaint about the EL 10x32 on this website, now I\'m concerned about the EL 8x32 which was going to be my next purchase.

    Pros: Superb Image quality, extremely bright and pin sharp image. I like the retro look and the old fashioned type of armouring. Very nice to hold and good eye relief - no blackouts.

    Summary: It\'s very frustrating that such an excellent pair of binoculars, in terms of image quality, design and build can be let down by a terrible focuser.

  2. Marco B.
    Marco B. 15 October 2017, 06:13
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 108.30.x.x
    Owner since: 1 month
    Price: $1600USD
    User profile: Amateur

    Cons: The 2017 Variety does not have the unique side opening bag that can fit around the waist and/or shoulder!! I was most disappointed by this because wherever I viewed them online this was the photo image that was supplied! Also, quite frankly, the difference in optical quality IS NOT worth the 600USD difference from a pair of Vortex Razor and others. I was also very disappointed with this new version as the focusing knob was extremely squeaky when being rotated (which BTW needed far too many turns to focus from close to infinity focus! Further, when I called Swarovski I was told that the bag that I received was the new one and had been the standard issue for many years which was an obvious lie! So much for the famous Swarovski \"customer service!\" They are being sent back for ALL the reasons stated above and I shall be purchasing a competitor\'s brand! BEWARE these are NOT the beautiful close focusing well built HD beauties of just a few years ago and are NOT worth even the discounted asking price!

    Pros: NONE really except that they are compact!


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Build quality
Optical quality
Accesories and usage
Value for money