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Minox HG 8x43 BR MIG

  • Binoculars Minox HG 8x43 BR MIG
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Hubertech Sp. z o.o.
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Manufacturer Minox
Model HG 8x43 BR MIG
Lens diameter [mm] 43
Magnification [x] 8
Angular field of view [deg] 7.2
Linear field of view [m/m] 126/1000
Exit pupil [mm] 5.375
Eye relief [mm] 19.5
Min. focusing dist. [m] 2.5
Twilight factor 18.55
Brightness 28.89
Prisms BaK-4/roof
Dimensions [mm] 145x128x50
Weight [g] 650
Waterproof Yes
Nitogen filling No
Argon filling Yes
Image stabilization No
Tripod exit Yes
Focusing central
Warranty [years] 25
Price 0
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5.00 Excellent
Owners reviews (1)
  1. tjshot
    tjshot 18 October 2016, 14:27
    Build quality
    Optical quality
    Accesories and usage
    Value for money


    IP 37.180.x.x
    Owner since: 6 months
    User profile: Semipro

    Cons: NOTE: applies to BLACK EDITION (improved optics) Visible chromatic aberration, slight in the center, medium on the edge; very dependant on eye pupil position related to exit pupil. FOV relatively narrow compared to actual standards, however the vision is not affected by tunnel view.

    Pros: NOTE: applies to BLACK EDITION (improved optics) Extremely light, comparable to a 8x32 instrument. Very sturdy construction. Very bright. Extremely sharp and contrasty within 80% of FOV. Great ease of view due to effective 19mm eye relief, ideal for eyeglasses users. Round exit pupils. Great ergonomics. Excellent focus mechanism.

    Summary: An extremely light binocular with very good optics and great ergonomics. Well balanced towards oculars, very easy to hold steady due to great shape and excellent ruber coating, offering a nice grip. Diopter adjustment locking mechanism is very functional. Extremely bright, both in daylight and at dusk; at dusk it rivals the alphas from the big brands. Offers one of the best focus mechansms around: smooth and precise with different pitch at closer and longer distances; nice distance scale engraved. Great ease of view due to an effective 19mm of eye relief: offers a wide range of adjustments also for eyeglass wearers, even at night. Exit pupils are perfectly round and uniformly illuminated, thus prisms are adeguately sized for this model. Extremely sharp and contrasty within the central sweet spot, extending to 80% of FOV, then gradually degrades towards borders. with mild field curvature. Refocusing the outer 20% of FOV does not yeld an image that is comparable to central sweet spot, thus coma and astigmatism affect the periphery to some extent. The only serious drawback is chromatic aberration: low in the center, yet visible in critical situations, medium on the edge with strong relation to off-axis eyepupils placement. Moving the eyes off-axis from exit pupils allows to minimize chromatic aberration at the periphery of FOV. Great value for the money, with a wide, stunningly sharp and clear sweetspot. No reason to look for more expensive options provided you can cope with some chromatic aberration.

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Build quality
Optical quality
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